Powering professional conversations online. Revolutionising remote interactions in pharma and healthcare.
buzzumi is a cloud-based, virtual meeting platform designed specifically for pharma and healthcare. Smart. Simple. Secure.


Presentation sharing

Share detailing aids and presentations - in a variety of file types - easily in the browser.

Secure content libraries

Cloud-based password protected "folders" controlled by an administrator, so you can be confident your reps are using correct, approved materials.

Post-session analytics

Understand customer dynamics and your team's performance. Know who spoke to whom, when. CRM integration is coming soon, making it even easier to document all your remote interactions.

Secure physician and KOL Access

Guests access easily, but only see what you want them to see. You have complete control.

Audio & video from your internet browser

Cutting edge video and audio technology lets you "video chat" in the browser with amazing quality.

Private, Safe and Secure

Professional conversations are protected in buzzumi. All interactions are transferred in SSL encryption - the same security protocol as online banks and retailers.


With buzzumi, your brand is the ONLY brand you'll see.

Case Studies

buzzumi for Pharma & Biotech

A smart, simple, secure remote meeting platform, designed to make it easy to carry out the important personal conversations that form the basis of pharma's interactions with physicians and KOLs, regardless of location.

Reduce costs

Budget cuts and increasing regulation don’t have to mean losing contact. Maintain great relationships, but reduce the costs of doing so with our remote meeting technology. Our cloud-based software means no expensive hardware and a transparent per-user-per-month cost structure. IT departments appreciate our fully hosted approach because of the minimal burden required to set up and maintain our platform.

Functions that matter, not functional clutter

Pharma and healthcare interactions are complex. Accessing a remote sales meeting shouldn't be. Our philosophy is built around keeping it simple. So we've focused on the key features you need to run successful advisory board meetings and sales calls: real-time video, audio and text chat, an interactive whiteboard for explaining difficult topics and, most importantly, smart, simple detailing that allows you to share presentations and content from a secure library.

Secure, controlled environment

Screen sharing is not always appropriate. To ensure presented materials are approved and kept up-to-date, our technology allows clients to create content libraries, arranged by brand or jurisdiction, with full administrative control for managers. This means everyone has access to correct, fully-approved documents. Our servers are hosted in secure facilities, and our primary data centre is ISO 27001 accredited. We commission formal penetration tests by third parties, to make sure that client data is safe at all times. We guarantee 99% uptime, and all interactions, from first sign-on, are encrypted.

Auditable, useful data

Our system captures the data you need to make your interactions even more successful, so you can understand customer dynamics, your team's performance and, for sales calls, the effectiveness of your detailing materials. We are working to deliver CRM integration, so your remote interactions can be documented effortlessly and automatically.

buzzumi Virtual Clinic

The buzzumi Virtual Clinic platform is designed to power remote interactions in healthcare. From hospitals, to mental health forums, to GPs looking to provide out-of-hours clinics and consultations, our platform allow patients to interact with healthcare professionals in a fully branded, customised environment. Smart. Simple. Secure.

buzzumi integrates all aspects of schedule management, consultation booking as well as payments in a seamless and user-friendly solution that can be fully customised to match your branding and design guidelines. We can help you on-board and train experts to use the virtual clinic technology and make sure your management team are provided with the administrative controls and management analytics to make your virtual clinic a success.

With a rich virtual consultation environment that includes text/audio/video chat, document sharing, video sharing and interactive surveys, buzzumi offers a close-to-real-life proxy of a real world consultation without any of the physical infrastructural or geographical limitations of a traditional practice.

The virtual clinic concept can be applied to a wide range of health focuses, from dieting support, smoking cessation and fitness to mental health consultations and physical health assessments.

buzzumi for remote sales engagement

buzzumi engage is a smart, simple, secure remote meeting platform for business. With high definition video conferencing at its core and a sophisticated business administration and analytics layer on top, buzzumi engage is ideally suited for powering virtual sales and collaboration. All video/audio/text chat streams are encrypted and you can control exactly what documents your team shares. Set up a trial account in seconds and see for yourself.

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Terms & Conditions

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About buzzumi

buzzumi is a cloud-based, virtual meeting platform designed to power professional conversations in pharma and healthcare. Smart. Simple. Secure.